Cell Systems is laser focused on the development and manufacturing of the highest standard research tools for the science of cell biology. We provide human primary cells, media, and reagents for research institutions around the globe to aid in the understanding of cell biology and discovery of treatments for all varieties of human conditions.

Founded in Seattle in 1989 by esteemed cell biologist Carl Soderland, Cell Systems became an early expert in the isolation and preparation of primary cell cultures. These primary cell cultures are manufactured to a "gold" standard evident through decades of citations published in numbers of scientific journals.

Today, Cell Systems continues its research of primary cell isolation while partnering with universities, research institutes, biotech entities and pharmaceutical companies around the world by providing cell biology tools for their experiments.

With a distinguished cell biology team and technical support team, you can rely on Cell Systems to deliver healthy, high-quality primary cells to your lab regardless of location.


For ordering or technical support, please email customerservice@cell-systems.com or call 425-823-1010.

If you have interest in partnerships, please reach out to Jesse Damm at ceo@cell-systems.com.