Cell Systems is your partner for Primary Cell Research

Our high quality research tools give scientists confidence going into each experiment and can heighten insights into human cell biology. Elevate your cell biology research using primary cells that are more biologically relevant, are highly cited in scientific journals and are ideal for use with our optimized suites of media and reagents.

Cell Systems primary cells are exclusively from normal, site-specific human tissue specimens, and available in frozen vial or proliferating flask.


Cell Systems primary cells are:

  • Highly proliferative and healthy (~85% viability)
  • Isolated without antibodies
  • Offered with high cell count (~1 million cells per vial)
  • Well-cited in scientific journals
  • Ideal for 2D and 3D cultures, microfluidic devices, and co-cultures
  • Available as single vials, reserved lots, and in proliferating flasks


Each vial will initiate a 25 – 75 cm sq cell culture. Cell Systems primary cells may also be accessed as proliferating cultures in flasks. Cell Systems cells are isolated, frozen and qualified using Cell Systems Certified Media and Reagents which are specified for use in the research environment.


Our All-In-One Primary Cell Kits provide a streamlined approach to passaging, plating and freezing your cells. Limit the variables with optimized kits from Cell Systems.

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Human Plateable Hepatocytes