Handling cells

How do I thaw and plate a vial of cells?

How do I feed and passage the cells?

How do I freeze cells?

How do I plate cells onto chamber slides or other glass surface?

I ordered a proliferating culture. How do I handle the culture when it arrives?

Cell information

How many cells are in a vial?

How many passages can I expect to get with the cells?

What ratio should I split the cells at?


Which medium is recommended, complete or serum-free?

Which medium should I use to starve the cells?

Can I use media other than Cell Systems products?


What is Attachment Factor™?

How do I use Attachment Factor™?

What is Passage Reagent Group™?

How do I use Passage Reagent Group™?

Can I simply use trypsin?

Can I use DMSO to freeze the cells?

Growth factors

What is CultureBoost™?

What is Cultureboost-R™?

What is RocketFuel™?


What is Bac-Off®?