Ready for Shipment: Accelerate Research with High Quality Human Tissue Samples

AnaBios leverages a nationwide network of hospitals and organ procurement organizations and uses proprietary solutions, practices and streamlined logistics that minimize ischemic and reperfusion injury to deliver industry gold standard human tissue samples and cells for scientific research. 

The superior quality of their human tissue is demonstrated by industry-leading RNA Integrity Number (RIN) scores. Higher RIN scores are a measure of tissue quality, confirm a closer identity to the native state and deliver a stronger resource for translational target identification, omics-based analyses and more.


  • Industry Gold Standard: AnaBios human tissue samples have the highest RNA integrity (RIN) scores, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of downstream applications.


  • Proprietary Process: AnaBios tissue samples are processed using a proprietary solution that minimizes ischemic injury, preserving the tissue’s quality and function.


  • Scientifically Validated: Validation data demonstrates the viability and functionality of AnaBios' tissue samples, giving researchers confidence in their results.


  • Scientific Application: AnaBios superior quality tissue samples enable advanced research techniques such as transcriptomics, regenerative medicine and disease modeling.


  • Healthy & Diseased: Human tissue samples are available from both normal (healthy) donors and donors with known medical conditions.


HepatoPRIME™, AnaBios’ high-quality, viable human primary hepatocytes, provide the most comprehensive metabolic activity for researchers studying liver function and drug metabolism.

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