Passaging and Freezing Reagents

Optimize your research with CELL SYSTEMS REAGENTS

Optimize the plating, passaging and freezing of cell cultures with Cell Systems Reagents. Growth supplements and antibiotic products are also available to ensure each experiment is initiated in an optimal environment.


Reagents for releasing cells from culture for subculture or freezing.

Passage Reagent Group™ (3x 100mL)  $136.00 4Z0-800 Details
PRG-1 dPBS-EDTA Solution (100mL)  $55.00 4Z0-610 Details
PRG-2 Trypsin-EDTA Solution (100mL)  $55.00 4Z0-310 Details
PRG-3 Trypsin Inhibitor Solution (100mL) $65.00 4Z0-410 Details
Passage Reagent System: PRG + Attachment Factor™ (4x 100mL)  $227.00 4Z0-840 Details
Cell Freezing Medium (50mL)  $136.00 4Z0-705 Details


Obtain better results using Cell Systems growth supplements when initiating, expanding or passaging cultures.

CultureBoost™ (10mL)  $136.00 4CB-500 Details
CultureBoost-R™ (10mL)  $136.00 4CB-500-R Details
Serum-Free Rocket Fuel™ (8mL)  $115.00 SF-4ZR-500 Details
Serum-Free Recombinant RocketFuel™ (8mL)  $115.00 SF-4ZR-500-R Details


Media supplement to prevent bacterial and fungal growth during routine cell culture.

Bac-Off® (4 mL or 10 mL)  $65.00 to $136.00 4Z0-643 or 4Z0-644 Details


Promotes cell attachment to tissue culture surfaces to improve plating efficiency and encourage healthy growth.

Attachment Factor™ (10mL or 100mL)  $65.00 to $190.00 4Z0-201 or 4Z0-210 Details