Get with THE SYSTEM(tm) for cell cultures: Cell Culture Growth Media and Reagents

Elevate your Experiments with our Optimized All-in-One Kits

THE SYSTEM™ is an all-in-one cell growth and passage system designed to provide your lab with convenience and consistency.


Each all-in-one kit includes:

  • 2-ea 500mL Cell Systems Medium
  • 1-ea 100mL Attachment Factor™
  • 2 vials Growth Factors™
  • 1 set of the Passage Reagent Group™
    • PRG-1 dPBS-EDTA Solution (100mL)
    • PRG-2 Trypsin-EDTA Solution (100mL)
    • PRG-3 Trypsin Inhibitor Solution (100mL)
  • 1-ea 50mL Cell Freezing Medium™


Save $200 on the purchase of The System™ when ordering a vial of primary cells at the same time. Discount will be applied within the Shopping Cart at checkout.

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