Placing orders from Japan + China

DS Pharma Biomedical Co. Ltd. is the distributor for Cell Systems primary cell products, media and reagents in Japan.

DS Pharma Biomedical Co. Ltd. covers the research, development and supply of cell lines, primary cells, culture media, sera, reagents and devices to research institutions and laboratories involved in fundamental life science research and can supply some primary cells from the inventory held in Osaka within 2 working days following receipt of order.

DS Pharma Biomedical Co., Ltd 
33-94, Enoki-cho, Suita, Osaka 564-0053, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6337-5896
Fax: +81-6-6337-6020

DS Pharma Biomedical


Miaotong (Shanghai) Biological Science & Technology Co.Ltd was founded in 2009 with the mission of contributing to the development of life science industry in China. MT Bio insists on providing high-quality products, professional services and competitive discounts to scientists and researchers in China. 
Our products include life science reagents in the field of Immunology and Cell Biology, for example antibodies, primary cells and specialized cell culture media, human ES/iPS cuture reagents, cytokines, ELISA kits, etc. We can help customers in China receive Cell Systems products in an expedited and cost-effective manner. 
Miaotong (Shanghai) Biological Technology Co., Ltd. 
Rm 604, 228 Lane, 3rd Jiangchang Rd, Zhabei, Shanghai, China
Toll Free Telephone: 400-821-7320
Fax: +21-64167166
QQ: 4008217320