AnaBios is Your Source for High-Quality Human PCLS

AnaBios offers high-quality human lung tissue samples with the highest RNA integrity (RIN) scores in the industry. Unlike traditional biobanks, our tissue samples are processed utilizing proprietary technology that minimizes ischemic breakdown and maintains the cellular matrix. With reliable data demonstrating the viability and functionality of our tissue, researchers can trust in the accuracy and reproducibility of their results. Our high-quality human lung tissue enables advanced research techniques such as spatial transcriptomics, immunocytochemistry and functional assays, facilitating cutting-edge research into lung disease, drug discovery and regenerative medicine.


  • Industry Gold Standard: Our human lung tissue samples have the highest RNA integrity (RIN) scores, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of downstream applications.
  • Our tissue samples are processed using a proprietary solution that minimizes the ischemic cellular process breakdown, preserving the tissue’s quality and function.
  • Validation data demonstrates the viability and functionality of our lung tissue samples, giving researchers confidence in their results.
  • Our high-quality tissue samples enable advanced research techniques such as transcriptomics, regenerative medicine and disease modeling.
  • PCLS samples are available from both normal (healthy) donors and donors with known medical conditions (COPD or fibrosis).


AnaBios Hepatocyte Medium Kit is a specialized solution designed to facilitate the safe and efficient thawing process of cryopreserved hepatocytes.

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