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Serum-Free RocketFuel™ (SF-4ZR-500)

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Serum-Free RocketFuel™

RocketFuel™ Supplement.  The 8mL vial activates 500mL Cell Systems Serum-Free Medium.

RocketFuel™ is the broad-spectrum mitogen growth supplement designed for use with Serum-Free Medium. RocketFuel™ contains Cell Systems bovine growth factor and has been designed to supplement growth in the serum-free media environment. RocketFuel™ is included in various Cell Systems Medium Kits (please see Serum-Free Medium Kits for more information), and is also available individually as a stand-alone supplement to improve performance of your serum-free medium.

Available Formats

RocketFuel™ is included (1 x 8mL vial) in various Cell Systems Serum-Free Medium Kits, our Serum-Free Medium 10-packs (1 x 80mL bottle) and in "The System™" (2 x 8mL vials). 8mL of RocketFuel™ supplements 500mL medium.

Handling and Storage

This product is delivered at ambient temperature. Use 8ml to supplement 500ml cell culture medium. If the entire unit will not be used within 30 days, aliquot and freeze. Once opened, shelf life is 30 days at +2-8°C.