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Serum-Free RocketFuel™ (SF-4ZR-500) - Cell Systems

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Serum-Free RocketFuel™

RocketFuel™ Supplement.  The 8mL vial activates 500mL Cell Systems Serum-Free Medium.

RocketFuel™ is the broad-spectrum mitogen growth supplement designed for use with Serum-Free Medium. RocketFuel™ contains Cell Systems bovine growth factor and has been designed to supplement growth in the serum-free media environment. RocketFuel™ is included in various Cell Systems Medium Kits (please see Serum-Free Medium Kits for more information), and is also available individually as a stand-alone supplement to improve performance of your serum-free medium.

Available Formats

RocketFuel™ is included (1 x 8mL vial) in various Cell Systems Serum-Free Medium Kits, our Serum-Free Medium 10-packs (1 x 80mL bottle) and in "The System™" (2 x 8mL vials). 8mL of RocketFuel™ supplements 500mL medium.