Tools for Discovery: Primary Cells, Media and Reagents

Cell Systems provides high-quality cell cultures, media and reagents to researchers all over the world. With over 30 site-specific primary human cell types to choose from, Cell Systems can become your resource for discovery through cell culture. Primary cells are now the gold standard (vs. immortalized cells) for the effectiveness they provide in experimentation in 3D culture, 2D cultures, or co-cultures.

Cell Systems also offers an extensive listing of both serum-containing and serum-free forms of Cell Systems media. Cell Systems complete medium kits provide a stable, consistent, common in vitro growth environment for >90% of today’s most widely used primary cells and cell lines, including all Cell Systems human cells, embryonic and adult stem cells, bone marrow cells (both CFU-F and erythroid burst cultures), vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells, connective tissue cells, immortalized cell lines, tumor-derived cell lines, and ex vivo leukocyte expansion.

Cell Systems media and reagents are complete and ready-to-use as delivered. We offer reagents for all steps of cell culture, including adherent cell attachment, passaging, growth factor supplementation, and cryopreservation. These reagents are for use with all Cell Systems cells, and may also be used with other primary, immortalized, neoplastic, and established cell lines.

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