Cell Freezing Medium provides the optimal environment for the freeze/thaw cycle of cell cultures.

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Primary Human Glomerular Mesangial Cells (ACBRI 127)

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Cell Systems Cell Freezing Medium is a specialized medium providing the optimal environment for the freeze/thaw cycle of cell cultures and assists in minimizing cellular damage during the process.  

Cell Systems Cell Freezing Medium (1X) 50 ml contains Conditioned Cell Systems Media.

Use of the Passage Reagent Group™ (PRG) to release cells from adherent culture for freezing is critically important in minimizing membrane and cytoskeletal damage. Cell membranes are materially and cumulatively damaged by detachment or when subjected to the stress of freezing and thawing. Use of Passage Reagent Group™ (PRG) in conjunction with Cell Freezing Medium and Attachment Factor™ minimizes cellular stress and damage associated with these processes and results in improved viability post-thaw.


Storage and Handling

Store at -20°C. Once opened, shelf life 30 days at +2 - 8°C

Cell Systems media and reagents are made with WFI, all components are cGMP and ISO Compliant, and are classified "Sterile".

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