Passage Reagent System™ a matched set of Cell Systems Certified™ reagents for releasing cells from culture for subculture or freezing plus Attachment Factor™ (4x100ml).

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The Passage Reagent Group™ (PRG) is a matched set of CSC Certified™ reagents for releasing cells from culture for subculture or freezing and Attachment Factor™ , an extracellular matrix (ECM) product to promote cell attachment to tissue culture surfaces and encourage correct polarity and cytoskeletal organization. The PRS contains four parts: PRG-1™ (EDTA-dPBS Solution), PRG-2™ (Trypsin/EDTA-dPBS Solution) and PRG-3™(Trypsin Inhibitor-dPBS Solution) and Attachment Factor™ each in 100ml bottle. The chelating agent EDTA in PRG-1™ prepares for PRG-2™, which contains highly purified trypsin. PRG-3™ inactivates the protease in PRG-2™ and stabilizes the cell membranes. When re-plating, Attachment Factor™ promotes adherence of cells to the tissue culture surface.

Cell membranes are materially and cumulatively damaged whenever cells are exposed to serine proteases, physically manipulated, centrifuged, and/or frozen. Use of the PRG greatly minimizes damage and stress to cells during passage or freezing of cell cultures.

PRG-1™ (EDTA-dPBS Solution) prepares the cells for PRG-2™ processing.

The PRG-2™ formulation allows a substantial reduction (40%) in the amount of enzyme required to detach cells compared to typical commercial trypsin solutions. The trypsin in PRG-2™ is inactivated by trypsin inhibitors in the PRG-3™ formulation, preventing nonspecific protease damage to cell membranes after detachment.

PRG-3™ and Attachment Factor™ are engineered to work together to stabilize the cell membrane and combine to promote spreading and the establishment of correct polarity after subculture. The PRG is qualified for use with all Cell Systems Certified Media.


Storage and Handling

Store at +2 - 8°C. Once opened, shelf life 30 days at +2 - 8°C.

Cell Systems media and reagents are made with WFI, all components are cGMP and ISO Compliant, and are classified "Sterile".


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