This complete medium consists of 500mL SF-4Z0-500 Serum-Free Medium and 10mL vial of Attachment Factor™

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Primary Human Glomerular Mesangial Cells (ACBRI 127)

Gain Consistency with our Single Lot Media and Reagents

Kit consists of 500mL Serum-Free Medium (SF-4Z0-500-S) and 10mL vial of Attachment Factor™ (extracellular matrix reagent for coating flasks). This is not a complete medium. Add serum-free growth factor such as RocketFuel™ or RocketFuel-R™ to yield a serum-free, chemically defined complete medium. SF-4Z0-500-S is Certified and intended for experimental application.

Available Formats

Kit contains one 500 mL container and two vials.


Characteristics of Cell Systems Serum-Free Medium:

Medium contains no added hormones. Medium contains no antibiotics; however, Bac-Off® (4Z0-643), is the recommended antibiotic for all Cell Systems media. Bac-Off® is used at or above the 2µg/mL MIC of aerobic Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms.

Medium contains phenol red.

Use with Attachment Factor™

For best results, use Cell Systems Medium in conjunction with cell culture vessels coated with Attachment Factor™ extracellular matrix reagent. See the Attachment Factor™ protocol.

Medium Storage

Cell Systems Medium is shipped at ambient temperature. If the entire unit will not be used within 30 days, supplement the medium with CultureBoost™, then aliquot and freeze in smaller units which will be used within 30 days. Otherwise, immediately refrigerate the medium and supplement. Once the unit is supplemented, or any component of the medium kit is opened, the shelf life is 30 days at refrigerated (2 - 8°C) temperatures.

SF-4Z0-500-S is certified and intended for experimental application. Cell Systems media and reagents are Sterile, made with WFI and all components are cGMP and ISO Compliant.

A Selection of Citations for SF-4Z0-500-S from Scientific Journals
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Appropriate Use

Certified for use with more than 100 human and animal cell cultures and cell lines including:


All ACBRI and CSC Primary Cells

Bone Marrow Cells (CFU-F and Erythroid Burst Cultures)
Connective Tissue Cells
Endothelial Cells (Aortic, Arterial, Coronary Artery, Vascular and Venous)
Fetal Lung Cells
Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells
Fibroblast Cells
Glomerular Mesangial Cells
Immortalized / Tumor-derived Mesenchymal Cells
Microvascular Cells (Cerebral, Coronary, Dermal, Glomerular, Liver, Lung and Retinal)
Smooth Muscle Cells
Tumor Neovascular Cells


Bovine and Porcine large vessel and microvessel Endothelial Cells


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