Which Cell Systems Media is best to optimize your experimentation?

We get a lot of questions about the different cell culture media we offer, so let’s take a minute to explain our media catalog.

 First, the benefits of using Cell Systems cell culture media: optimization, consistency, and versatility. Our proprietary media formulations were developed and optimized for use with Cell Systems primary cells over the last 29 years, so we know a lot about keeping our cells happy. Our media is manufactured in large-batch lots in GMP/ISO compliant facilities (fact check) to our exact specifications, ensuring consistency for your lab’s cell culture. And even though the recipes were perfected for our primary cells, ongoing tests by independent researchers demonstrate that these formulations support the growth of a wide variety of cell types – including primary and immortalized cells.

Cell Systems offers three categories of cell culture media:

  • complete media with 10% serum already added;
  • serum-free complete media, a defined formulation which is complete despite the absence of serum;
  • and serum-variable media, which contains no serum so that the scientist can add her/his choice of serum at the time of use.

We also offer a low-glucose variety of our Complete Classic and serum-variable media, for those researchers requiring the normal human blood glucose concentration for their cell culture and experiments.

We are happy to partner with pharmaceutical companies to provide a large and consistent supply of media produced with the same lot of U.S.-sourced serum, to minimize variability and maximize meaningful results.

 Our media catalog is summarized in the following table:


Cell Systems Catalog Number

Media Name

Standard glucose concentration (approx. 3g/L)

Normal human blood glucose concentration (0.9 g/L)

Complete Classic Media



Serum-Free Complete Media



Serum-Variable Media




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