These antibody-free human primary cells were initiated from normal human peripheral lung tissue without the use of positive selection of antibodies. 

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Primary Human Glomerular Mesangial Cells (ACBRI 127)


Increase Biological Relevance with Human Primary Cells

Our antibody-free primary cells can offer a more biologically relevant cell culture tool for scientists to enhance their research insights. These primary cells were originated using Cell Systems Complete Serum-Free Medium (SF-4Z0-500) and subsequently grown and passaged in Cell Systems Complete Classic Medium (4Z0-500). The cells are cryopreserved in Cell Systems Cell Freezing Medium (4Z0-705).

  • Isolated from normal, healthy donor tissue
  • Available at Passage 3 (<12 cumulative population doublings)
  • Each vial contains approximately 1 x 106 cells
  • Each vial will initiate a Passage 4 cell culture in a 75 cm2 flask
  • Available in reserved lots to enhance consistency in your research program

Each vial of cells is shipped to customers with 1mL of Bac-Off® and .25mL of CultureBoost™.

Standard Tests


HIV Serologic Test (donor level HIV AB EIA)


HIV PCR Test (frozen cell pool by CLIA Licensed Clinical Lab)


Test of frozen cells for Mycoplasma spp. (ATCC method by CLIA Licensed Clinical Lab)


Miscellaneous Tests


Inducible expression of CD 62E (E-Selectin)

> 90% positive by immunofluorescence

Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII

> 95% positive by immunofluorescence

Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL

> 95% positive by immunofluorescence

Cells Characterization in Peer-Reviewed Literature



From Li et al Journal of Virology (2000) 74:6564-6569. Figure 5. Introduction and expression of the EGFP gene by the F-defective SeV vector in a variety of cell types in vitro. (A to C) GFP expression by primary neuronal cells derived from rat cerebral cortex 5 days after infection with the vector at an MOI of 5 at lower (A) and higher (C) magnification and immunostained with anti-MAP2 antibody (B). (D to I) Normal human hepatocytes (D and G), normal human lung microvascular endothelial cells (E and H) [ACBRI 468] , and normal human smooth muscle cells (F and I) [ACBRI 716] were infected with the F-defective SeV vector at an MOI of 3. GFP expression was observed 3 days after infection (G to I).


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Avoid the obstacles from immortalized cell lines or animal models and gain more pertinent insights into human cell biology.

Cell Systems cells are available for in vitro research purposes only and may not be transferred out of the direct control of the recipient Institution/Agency/Organization. Cell Systems cells may not be genetically altered in any way without prior written permission from Cell Systems. Use of Cell Systems materials (evidenced by placement of any order for product) constitutes knowledge, understanding and binding acceptance of these restrictions on behalf of the recipient Institution/Agency/Organization.

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