CultureBoost™ Growth Factor (2x5mL)

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Primary Human Glomerular Mesangial Cells (ACBRI 127)

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CultureBoost™ is the broad-spectrum mitogen in Cell Systems Complete Medium (4Z0-500) and Cell Systems Medium Without Serum (4Z3-500). CultureBoost contains Cell Systems bovine growth factor and porcine heparin. One 5mL vial of CultureBoost™ supplements one 500mL bottle of media.

CultureBoost™ is purified from bovine pituitary or hypothalamus and is 100% traceable to cattle processed in the USA at USDA inspected facilities. The product's working concentration is 50µg/mL. Biological activity is adjusted to 110% of maximum using CSC 2V0 Human Venous Endothelial cells, ACBRI 181 Primary Retinal Microvascular Endothelial cells, and ACBRI 376 Primary Brain Microvascular Endothelial cells.

CultureBoost™ is qualified for use with Cell Systems media, and when initiating, thawing, expanding or passaging cultures of all mesenchymal-derived cells.

Use of CultureBoost™ can result in as much as 25% increase in recovery from freezing, an increase of 10-20% in cell count per passage, and a one day decrease in time-to-confluence. The effects of CultureBoost™ are most pronounced with extremely fastidious cells.


Available Formats

A 5mL vial is included in various Cell Systems media kits and in "The System™". CultureBoost™ 2x5mL vials are also available individually here.


Storage and Handling

This product is delivered at ambient temperature. Use 10ml to supplement 500ml cell culture medium. If the entire unit will not be used within 30 days, aliquot and freeze. Once opened, shelf life is 30 days at +2-8°C.

Cell Systems media and reagents are made with WFI, all components are cGMP and ISO Compliant, and are classified "Sterile".

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CultureBoost™ has two main uses.

1. Application as a growth supplement to medium:

Cell Systems Complete Medium Kit (4Z0-500) and Cell Systems Medium Minus Serum Kit (4Z3-500) each include a 5mL vial of CultureBoost-R™ (4CB-500-R).

CultureBoost™ can be purchased separately (4CB-500) to supplement Cell Systems Media Kit without Growth Factor (4Z0-500-S) or other cell culture media.


2. Application in the vial thaw procedure:

Cells are at their most fragile when in recovery from thawing or passage. The growth factors in CultureBoost™ and CultureBoost-R™ stabilize the plasma membrane and provide a concentrated dose of factors that have been shown to aid the cell in attachment, activation, and achievement of polarity.

CultureBoost™ can be beneficially used any time cells are "loosened" from the pellet prior to resuspension in Cell Systems Medium in preparation for plating. The best results of using CultureBoost™ are evident when 50-100 microliters are added to the loosened cell pellet just prior to re-suspension in medium. Please refer to the instructions for our Passage Reagent Group™ (4Z0-800).


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