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CultureBoost™ (4CB-500) - Cell Systems

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CultureBoost™ Growth Factor for Cell Cultures

This 10 mL (50x) Vial activates 500mL Cell Systems Cell Culture Medium.

CultureBoost™ is the broad-spectrum mitogen in Cell Systems Complete Medium (4Z0-500) and Cell Systems Medium Without Serum (4Z3-500). CultureBoost contains Cell Systems bovine growth factor and porcine heparin. 

CultureBoost™ is purified from bovine pituitary or hypothalamus and is 100% traceable to cattle processed in the USA at USDA inspected facilities. The product's working concentration is 50µg/mL. Biological activity is adjusted to 110% of maximum using CSC 2V0 Human Venous Endothelial cells,  ACBRI 181 Primary Retinal Microvascular Endothelial cells, and ACBRI 376 Primary Brain Microvascular Endothelial cells.

CultureBoost™ is qualified for use with Cell Systems media and can dramatically improve the performance of most classical media, even approaching performance levels of Cell Systems Complete Media.
CultureBoost™ is qualified for use when initiating, thawing, expanding or passaging cultures of all mesenchymal-derived cells.
Use of CultureBoost™ can result in as much as 25% increase in recovery from freezing, an increase of 10-20% in cell count per passage, and a one day decrease in time to confluence.  The effects of CultureBoost™ are most pronounced with extremely fastidious cells.
Available Formats

A 10mL vial is included in various Cell Systems media kits and in "The System™". CultureBoost™ 10mL vials are also available individually here. 


CultureBoost™ has two main uses.

1.  Application as a growth supplement to medium:

  • Cell Systems Complete Medium Kit (cat. #4Z0-500) includes a 10mL vial of CultureBoost™.
  • Cell Systems Medium Kit Without Serum (cat. #4Z3-500) includes a 10mL vial of CultureBoost™.
  • Cell Systems Medium Kit Formulated Without Growth Factor (cat. #4Z0-500-S) differs from complete medium only by the absence of growth factors and can be activated and made complete by the addition of CultureBoost™ (cat. #4CB-500).
  • Cell Systems Medium Kit Formulated Without Serum and Without Growth Factors (cat. #4Z3-500-S) differs from complete medium by the absence of serum and growth factors and can be made complete by the addition of 10-20% of serum, and CultureBoost (cat. #4CB-500).

2. Application in the vial thaw procedure:

  • Cells are at their most fragile when in recovery from thawing or passage. CultureBoost™ stabilizes the plasma membrane and provides a concentrated dose of factors that have been shown to aid the cell in attachment, activation, and achievement of polarity.
  • CultureBoost™ can be beneficially used any time cells are "loosened" from the pellet prior to resuspension in Cell Systems Medium in preparation for plating. The best results from using CultureBoost™ are evident when 50-100 microliters (one drop) are added to the loosened cell pellet just prior to re-suspension in media. Please refer to the instructions for Cell Systems Passage Reagent Group™ (cat. #4Z0-800). CultureBoost™ should be added following step 10.

Handling and Storage

This product is delivered at ambient temperature, is filter-sterilized and isotonic. If the entire unit will not be used within 30 days, aliquot and freeze. Shelf life is 30 days at +4°C. Do not warm product before use, as the relevant protocols specify that the cells be at ice-water temperature.